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Exploring how to curate art in pairs.

In this second iteration we've again combined paintings and objects in unexpected ways.

A texture, subtle echos of colour, or even the use of material can tie two very different artworks together. We believe the key of a successful pairing is to be bold and go with your gut feeling.

‘Sunflowers Study No3’ by Jack Tierney with ‘Maquette Grande-Terra’ Candlesticks by Catherine Reynolds.


‘Red Light’ by Karel Dicker with ‘Divided II’ by George Bodis.


‘Roman III’ by Luke Hannam with ‘Another Manhatten’ by Karel Dicker.


‘At the Sun's Round Table’ by Sarah Desmarais with ‘Casita II' Lamp by Pablo Cal-Fernandez.


‘Sunflowers Study No 1’ by Jack Tierney with ‘Opera Three’ Candlesticks by Catherine Reynolds.


‘Reclining Woman’ by F. Barnfield with ‘Padicone’ by Paul Morley.


Browse the full collection of these paired artworks below


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