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Tom Diamantopoulo


Tom Diamantopoulo was born in Brighton in 1980.

Coming from an artistic family - his father Pierre Diamantopoulo is a sculptor who has public works all around the UK, he started drawing, painting and sculpting from a very early age. He pursued an education in art and was accepted into a fine art degree in Canterbury. However, when he was 20 he was signed to Universal Music with his band The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and music became his trajectory up until his 30’s - touring globally and recording, and painting had to take a back seat.


Once the band disbanded he was able to revisit his love for art and painting, and now works from his studio in Brighton. He is colour blind, but despite this continues to explore his love for colour through his large abstract paintings.


He works on a large scale, connecting canvases together to build one large canvas. The gap in between the canvases are an important element of the composition for Tom. “I enjoy the disruption the gaps give to the painting, you can use that line as part of the composition or choose to ignore it. For me this is a continuation of the use of fragmentation I like to use within my work”


His paintings are built up with layer upon layer of thick textural paint, and sometimes cardboard or dried grated paint are added to further build up the surface. “I do this to further contribute to the feeling of density and body of the subject matter, while also to disrupt any illusion of perspective and depth. I would like the viewer to be aware of and enjoy the chaos and disorder of the canvas’s textural surface almost as much as the painting as a whole.”


Tom's work is in private collections world wide.


Tom's work

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