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Hollie Maddox - McCully & Crane - Rye.jpg

Hollie Maddox


Hollie Maddox is a British artist and sculptor living in Denmark.


From her studio in Copenhagen, she creates artworks exploring tactility, texture and materiality.


Her work is inspired by the Danish way of life, and Denmark's rugged landscapes. With an emphasis on natural materials such as clay and wood, she often uses the landscape, its soils and clays, directly within her works.


“Materiality and tactility inspire me, I like my pieces to be raw and tactile and inspire the senses. I find natural materials like clay incredibly grounding in today’s increasingly digital world."


Hollie studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, and a Masters in Curation and worked in the fashion and art world for the likes of Liberty London, Royal Academy of Art and the V&A - before moving to Denmark and being inspired to make her own work again.


Hollie's work

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