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Andrew Viner


Andrew Viner, was born in Epsom, Surrey, April 1987. At a young age, his family moved to Winchelsea Beach. He now lives and works in St Leonards, East Sussex.

Andrew is a predominantly self-taught painter, although while living in Brighton he studied art at the Phoenix Arts Centre. His primary inspiration is found within the landscape that surrounds us, in particular Cornwall and East Sussex. He also takes inspiration from the coastline, the sea, old tales, myths and poems which further influence his oil paintings.


He constantly strives to create oil paintings that demonstrate his response to the landscape, using the harmony of classical image making, based on traditional methods. Drawing is critical to Andrew’s practice, his ideas begin with a simple sketch. Which he usually does in plein air, this initial idea is then built upon in his studio, sometimes a series of drawings are used to inspire a piece.

He creates varying works, from small narrative fishing scenes to landscape pieces on a grand scale, working in a variety of mediums. However he mixes this tradition with something more expressive, based on the physical properties of the actual painted surface. This allows Andrew’s ideas or stories to seep into his pieces, by using an array of techniques from abstraction to expressionism.

In addition, he finds inspiration within the work of british romantic artists, such as John Constable and J.M.W Turner. He endeavours to advance these ideas, through amplifying the landscape to create a piece through his own vision. As well as nature, the idea of the ‘romantic sublime’ fascinates him. The idea of an image that on face value is attractive, enticing and thought provoking, but can also contain menace, a melancholy and something primal.

“Nature for me, is the absolute foundation for my work. It can be unpredictable and never paralleled. It is dark, and earthy. It can be raw and terrifying, all involving and overpowering”

He has private collections held throughout Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. And has an ever growing portfolio of exhibitions, and collectors.


Andrew's work