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DUETS: Art in Dialogue

Exploring how to curate art in pairs.

At McCully & Crane we love combining paintings and objects in unexpected ways and we often look for the hidden links or playful contrasts when combining pieces together.

A colour palette, subtle echos of shape or pattern, or even the use of material can tie two very different artworks together. We believe the key of a successful pairing is to be bold and go with your gut feeling.

‘Coffee, still life’ by Karel Dicker with ‘Post Arc’ by George Bodis.


‘We sail tonight for Singapore’ by Poppy Ellis with ‘Correspondence I’ by Bruce Ingram.


‘She acts like summer and walks like rain’ by Poppy Ellis with ‘Milk Vase & Pears’ by John Bartlett.


‘2 Lagers and a Bag of Crisps’ by David Horgan with ‘Vase & Fruit’ by Marc Taylor.


‘Sedum’ by Sandhills Studios with ‘Stoneware’ by Hollie Maddox.


'PETER I’ by Luke Hannam with ‘Nathan’ by Dan Ainsworth.


‘Beautiful music, Dangerous rhythm’ by Poppy Ellis with 'M Vessel’ by Kelly Jessiman.


‘Human Nature’ by Jon Harvey with ‘Doryphoros & Awaji’ by Russell Dorey.


Browse the full collection of these paired artworks below

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