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Nick Passmore


Nick Passmore is a ceramic artist living and working in London. 


She draws inspiration from various sources, such as public art exemplified by figures like William Mitchell, the understated elegance of brutalist architecture, the organic geometric aesthetics of mid-century art and design, and the graphic patterns inherent in the Bauhaus movement.

Nick's artistic endeavors primarily manifest through stoneware panels, skilfully constructed from interconnected tiles. Her work is a fascinating exploration of bas relief, skilfully navigating the nuanced interplay between the contrasting textures of different clays and glazes.

Her pieces eloquently strike a delicate equilibrium between art, design, and craft—a testament, perhaps, to Nick's extensive experience as a designer within the fashion industry. Her background infuses a unique sensibility into her ceramic creations, evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the seamless integration of artistic vision with technical proficiency.

At the core of Nick's artistic expression lies an unwavering focus on the interplay of pattern, shape, color, and texture. Each element is thoughtfully considered, contributing to the cohesive narrative that defines Nick's distinctive body of work.


Nick's work

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