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Jack Tierney - McCully & Crane - Rye.jpg

Jack Tierney


Jack Tierney, was born in Milton Keynes in 1986.


He’s an artist currently living and painting in his studio in Newquay,
Cornwall, having spent the previous ten years based in Bristol.

The subjects of his paintings are the everyday objects, people and events that reflect his surroundings. They might be dogs, a still life with flowers or people on a night out.

Tierney is influenced by the care free brushwork and bold colours of the 20th century fauvists, the exploration of form and surface in figurative expressionism, and the unapologetic fun of naïve art.

His work is the re-interpretation of familiar subjects in unfamiliar ways, using form, colour and composition to create paintings that are intentionally slightly at odds with themselves.

Jack has shown in solo and group shows over the last decade and can be found in many private collections.


Jack's work

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