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George Bodis


George Bodis studied at the West Sussex College of Art and Design and at the St Ives School of Painting.

He has an art-related background with over 40 years of experience in art dealing but it was more recently that he discovered his own love for painting. Various moments of reflection during the pandemic gave him the opportunity to build inspiration and confidence, patiently developing his craft over time.

His form and use of colour are heavily influenced by cubism and modernism, with a particular admiration for 20th-century artists such as George Braque and Ben Nicholson. All of George's paintings evolve over time, instinctively layering abstract lines and colour groupings until he finds balance.

George had previously been hesitant about showcasing his art but McCully & Crane spotted his talent and encouraged him to take the leap. His oil paintings are as poetic as they are bold, harmoniously complementing any interior.

George is currently based in West Sussex.


George's work