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About Us

For Marcus Crane and Gareth McCully, an escape to the countryside from East London has meant an opportunity to forge their creative skills and eclectic eye into a wonderful haven now known to art and interior lovers as McCully & Crane.

Situated in a 19th-century merchant’s warehouse on Cinque Ports Street in the beautifully picturesque old town of Rye, they established their business over 15 years ago, creating one of the most vibrant and unique art galleries in East Sussex.

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27 Cinque Ports St, Rye

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Our Ethos

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Firmly blurring the lines between art and interiors, McCully & Crane offers a relaxed and welcoming environment where walls covered with daring artworks can be found amongst beautifully crafted and cleverly reworked statement furniture, lighting, and unique objet trouvé.


Timelessness lies at the core of their curation, letting aesthetic value rival pedigree and where each one-off piece is sourced instinctively with close attention paid to the emotions they evoke.


Whether you’re building a private art collection, buying for your design project, or looking for some inspiration, McCully & Crane can guide you through the process, helping you find the perfect piece for your interior.


M&C Studio

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Our Collaborators

Discovering and championing emerging talent is integral at McCully & Crane, often resulting in ongoing partnerships with both local and international artists and makers.

Fostering a creative community is also paramount for Marcus and Gareth. Beyond collaboration, they cultivate an environment where artistic minds converge, thrive, and inspire one another.


Within their dedicated studio and photography space nestled in the heart of Rye, local artisans, framers, upholsterers, and restorers converge, each bringing their unique flair and wealth of expert knowledge to McCully & Crane's diverse array of treasures.

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