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Nathan Isaac


Nathan Isaac is an artist and designer based in Newport, RI.


His storied, mid-century imbued collage presents stirring imagery of the invisible and imagined with a connective energy. Each piece is expressively constructed from vintage and sustainably sourced materials, pigment-based inks, and natural adhesive.


‘My imageries aim to evoke. Through a varied and intuitive process, I locate and compose connection. Embedded are eras, geometries and organic formes; resonant and reminiscent.’


This visual language, a kind of unbound notation, is experienced by many viewers as emotive and musical in tone and 20th-century in voice. The works are often based in memory and identity journeys, liminal and universal in theme. Color, shape, and contrast feature boldly, sometimes with sculptural effect. They also reflect modern movements within art, music, and literature, and masters such as Matisse, Picasso, Braque, and Nicholson. 


Periods of tutoring and formal study in art and music inform his practice, along with autodidactic methods. Nathan’s richly innate approach is supported by his integrative ideation and background in graphic design. He also works with print and pattern.


His work appears in private collections internationally, luxe interior designs, and is currently showing in US and UK galleries. 


Nathan's work

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