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Mark Millsted - McCully & Crane - Rye.jpg

Mark Millsted


The creative journey he has chosen has been through trial and error and an attempt to answer visual conundrums and resurfacing ideas, thoughts and emotions that he has gathered and regathered.

Although he cannot claim to follow a manifesto or political art that seems to be prevalent in contemporary circles. However, respectful of modern events he creates art that reflects a modern condition aware of the issues that face society and addresses those issues pertinent to his own experiences.

Although materials are very important, it is the idea of engaging the process, either until it succeeds or fails, that motivates his artistic enquiry. The understanding of drawing is fundamental in making this work towards a considered and unified approach.

The abstract works belong to an expressionist tradition and there has been a development since he decided to include representational elements and calls these artworks New Symbolist paintings. In the tradition of artists like Redon and late nineteen century painters that explored mystical dreams and subconscious ideas.

Although Millsted has not had a formal fine art training he has been educated in illustration in Norwich and architecture in Dundee. He had the benefit of tutors such as John Bruce, Rob Mason, Mike Trim and influenced by the artists Christine Merton, Dawson Murray and John Davies (amongst many others).


Originally from Faversham, he lives and works in Folkestone, Kent.


Mark's work

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