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Pablo Cal-Fernandez


Pablo works from his garden studio in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Having started out in life working in insurance he quickly became disillusioned with the City and decided to pursue his love for design and modern decorative arts by becoming a dealer and collector. He has also spent the last 20 years working as a conservator within the built heritage sector.


Several years ago he decided it wasn’t enough to repair and conserve other people’s works but to finally become the creator he dreamed about as a teen.

Working with plaster is a new medium for Pablo, having started out making lamps from turned wood. Plaster is a beautiful material but can be difficult to work with. It does, however, allow Pablo to explore new forms and textures. From initial sketched designs Pablo creates paper and card maquettes.


For each lamp the plaster is hand applied onto a wooden frame and manipulated with spatulas and small tools. Layers are then built up and further shaping is done when partially and fully cured. Lamps are then painted with modern acrylics and fittings attached.


Pablo's work