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Radek Husak - McCully & Crane - Rye.jpg

Radek Husak


Radek Husak is inherently a process-driven artist. Based in London and with a Masters from the Royal College of Art, his practice is firmly situated in the expanded field of print.

Through intensive research and experimentation, Husak has come to hew out his own process - defining the technique of the pigment transfer twinned with carbon-drawn elements, on sandblasted aluminium or paper, often utilising the alternative photographic technique of the cyanotype.

Within his figurative series, we see the influence of the timeless tradition of the nude meeting elements of pop culture from the 1950s and 1960s. Having long been seduced by the beauty and perfection of the Classical world, Husak presents us with a very modern muse: the lithe and youthful man - channelling the look and movement of a fashion model in a neo-romantic way.


His work is sensitive, seductive and multi-layered; highlighting the beauty of the male form. Husak’s work brings us a platform for both redemption and meditation - the chance to be held within a sublime moment in a dance, as forms both collide and intertwine.

Images by Chloe True.


Radek's work

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