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Matt Garlick


Matt Garlick is a woodturner living on the Norfolk Coast. In his converted garage workshop, Matt faces a constant battle for space, manoeuvring through a puzzle of tools and projects. Despite the limitations, he finds joy inhis surroundings, spending countless hours honing his craft.


With a diverse work history and no clear direction after school, Matt felt unfulfilled in many of the professions he tried. Watching friends settle into careers only intensified his search for purpose. Then, a move to Norfolk and a lathe passed down from his father-in-law changed everything. At fifty-two, he had finally found his calling.


Self-taught and embracing failure as part of the learning process, Matt immerses himself in the art of woodturning. Each piece of wood holds unique beauty and potential, from its grains to its colors. Repurposing discarded wood fuels his creativity, as nature's elements have already left their mark on it.


Inspired by the material and his surroundings, he crafts vessels and objects that reflect the conversation between the wood and his hands. His favorite piece is an Oak vessel, shaped by the wood's natural reaction to his turning. Highlights come in the quiet moments of reflection, where he gazes at his work, feeling its weight and marveling at its journey.


Woodturning has reawakened Matt’s creativity and brought a sense of fulfilment that eluded him for so long. As he continues to learn and explore, he finds inspiration in the endless possibilities that each piece of wood holds.


Matt's work

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