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David Horgan - McCully & Crane - Rye.jpg

David Horgan


David is a self-taught painter living and working in London.

Having originally trained as an architect David began to work on art in his spare time, focusing on printmaking, before making the leap to become a full-time artist in late 2019.

Lockdown prevented him from being able to get to the print studio and accelerated his long-term ambition of becoming a painter which he has been doing pretty much every day since!

David has rapidly garnered attention internationally from established galleries and retailers. Taking inspiration from an amalgamation of everyday life and experience, intermingled with popular culture and iconography, his work aims to convey a narrative through a colourful, bold style that expresses character and humour.


The majority of his work is figurative with a particular emphasis on portraiture and is concerned with capturing the personality and spirit of his subjects in as expressive and playful style as possible.

Influenced by a broad range of artists including Matisse, Basquiat, Gauguin and contemporary artists such as Danny Fox, Henry Taylor and Chantelle Joffe, David like to work fast, expressing brush strokes and blending colours, which he builds in multiple layers in a spontaneous, unplanned manner.


David's work

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