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Rowan Corkill - McCully & Crane - Rye

Rowan Corkill



Rowan Corkill is a Scottish artist based in Hastings.


He has exhibited nationally and internationally with works in private collections in Europe, North & South America, and Asia.


Working primarily in sculpture and photography, Corkill’s work explores the complex relationships between humans and the natural world, often referencing past cultures and civilizations as a means of understanding our ever-changing view of the planet.

Rowan's works possess a sense of power as well as fragility, reflecting a duality that exists within nature. The artist's practice pays particular attention to humankinds’ current relationship with the natural world and the need to change our destructive tendencies towards the planet.

Materials play a strong role in the artist’s practice, particularly the use of animals and plants which are collected and used in most of his works. Animal hides and skins are incorporated into sculptural works through taxidermy techniques which the artist has practiced for over 10 years. These taxidermy pieces do not fit within standard notions of the art form, instead of favouring the realism of Victorian taxidermy Corkill’s works draws more from ethnographic objects such as African Nkisi objects or Nagaland head trophies.


The use of taxidermy in his work acts as a foundation on which to apply materials, most of which are imbued with symbolic meanings which elevate the objects beyond the norms of the everyday. These symbolisms, which cultures have applied to almost every facet of the natural world, drive the artist to explore new materials and provide a never-ending appreciation for both nature and mankind’s creative interpretations of it.

All animals have been ethically sourced.


Rowan's work

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