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Andrew Churchill


Born in 1976, Andrew Churchill lives and works in West Sussex, England.

“I have painted self-portraits since I was at school. The popular excuse given by artists in reply to the question of why do you paint so many is “I’m always here”. There is certainly some truth in that, especially at six in the morning. But in reality there is nothing more intense than studying your own reflection and attempting to translate it into paint. No doubt searching for some answers, or maybe just clues about myself.”

Drawing from his knowledge of Modern British art, his interest in contemporary painters and the established masters, Andrew works largely intuitively often in fast bursts of activity bookended by concentrated periods of looking at the works in progress.

More recently Andrew’s self-portraits have become once-removed from reality. Often painted without reference to a mirror and frequently titled with the precursor ‘The Artist...’, there is an aspect of self-mocking and warm characterisation about these works.

Lockdown reduced the possibility of other models or subjects to paint and Andrew found a calmness in the isolation. The beard got longer, the tan deeper, the focus stronger.

Andrew Churchill’s work is held in private collections throughout Europe, Australia and the United States.


Andrew's work

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