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Lloyd Durling - McCully & Crane - Rye.jpg

Lloyd Durling


Lloyd Durling is a British artist working in London. His practice is painting-based and he held his first international solo exhibition at Golden, Chicago in 2010.


Central to Durling’s practice is an intense engagement with oil stick, oil pastel and graphite that explores the interface between painting and drawing. These materials are used as the ground for a series of still-life paintings where texture is as important as colour in the play between the surface of the linen and the application of paint.


The playfulness of the chosen forms, use of slightly differentiating arrangements and colour combinations almost appear to transcend subject matter. With this comes a balance between expressive play and tight control where colours, shapes and textures are brought together as if the works appear interchangeable.


His work is reminiscent of the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi who is sighted as an invaluable influence. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe, Asia and U.S.A and in 2017 was awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation award. His works are held in both public and private collections worldwide including Whitworth Art Gallery and Museum, Progressive collection, and Nomura Bank.


Lloyd's work

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