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Becky Blair


Becky originally from the Midlands and having completed a Fine Art degree in Cheltenham she spent most of her twenties divided between travel and creating commissioned artwork for commercial and public spaces.


This allowed her time to develop as an artist, and be inspired by the wonders of India, Nepal, South East Asia and Australia. Trekking through the Himalayas, riding pillion on an Enfield Bullet from Southern India to Katmandu and driving across the Nullarbor Plain were some of her many adventures. And along the way making friends that were to shape her future as an artist in later years. 


One particular friend from Australia, Cat, persuaded Becky to take on a solo exhibition in Perth, WA. Cat proposed in return for a painting by Becky, she would secure a gallery and generate the publicity required for a solo exhibition. It was a daunting undertaking but ultimately a huge success. Down to this adventure, Becky has had 7 sell out solo shows over the past 16 years in Perth, Australia.

Her artwork has also been used in collaborations with fine art publishers, interior designers, advertising campaigns, as well as book and album covers. Last year saw her artwork in collaborations with potter Rachel Mary Entwistle and Australian fashion house Gorman.


Becky Blair is a painter who aspires to create imagery that has strength, but is equally fleeting and momentary. After recovering from a period of debilitating chronic illness she has changed her approach to her work, paring back her compositions and re exploring her methods of applying paint. This work presents an exploration that speaks of joy, using colour, texture and composition to render physical aspects of life that are intangible.


When she isn’t in Australia, Becky lives in Brighton with her husband and daughter. Working out of her studio at the Phoenix Art Space, she exhibits work with galleries throughout the UK and Australia as well as being commissioned by private collectors worldwide.


Becky's work

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